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Step into your True Self & Transform Mentally & Physically for life! I coach & empower women across the globe who want to finally take control of their physical & mental health. Whether your goal is fat loss, strength, consistency or you’ve just found yourself in a rut! Me and my team will provide you with everything you need to feel supported & finally get results that last! Your dream body & mindset does not need to be restrictive & it is totally achievable. Join the team today to get started!

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Bespoke & Personalized Coaching

Bespoke coaching, tailored workout plans & nutrition with macros included. Everything you need to progress week after week and finally discover a plan & lifestyle that gets results in a sustainable way!

Weekly 1-1 Check ins & Support

Check in with your coach Natalie every single week to review your progress, set realistic and achievable goals & stay accountable. Celebrate your wins & acknowledge how far you’ve come for that instant motivation boost!

Lessons, Mindset Tips & Knowledge

Exclusive lessons providing you with tips & tricks to stay on top of your fitness journey. From exercise form videos, nutrition, mindset & goal setting.

Body By Barre Program

Exclusive Pilates & Barre Workouts that you can complete from anywhere. Follow the framework of the viral 3-2-8 method & receive exclusive Barre & Pilates Workouts in the app library to compliment your strength training program and follow a balanced training approach. Sculpt, tone, mobilize and strengthen every single muscle group while exploring the holistic benefits of pilates. 

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“‘Fitness & a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated or restrictive. I believe everyone can achieve their goals with the right support, a structured program and personalized nutrition. Me and my team have tried and tested 100s of formats to discover a method that works and most importantly get’s results that last long term. The hardest part is showing up and committing! Now I will keep you accountable to make sure you get results!”

About Me

I am Natalie Rose and I have a passion for people, health & movement. I created my online coaching platform to give individuals the ability to reach their goals and fall in love with the process. I have coached hundreds of clients worldwide for over 8 years and have discovered methods and techniques that have been proven to get results & create a lifestyle change that lasts!

I have a musical theatre background and trained as a professional dancer in my early years. This is where my love for Barre, Pilates & Strength started. I discovered the benefits holistically, mentally & physically. I used pilates to rehab from injuries during my dance career and became hooked ever since.

I became certified in personal training, gym instructing alongside my professional dance degree and pilates diploma. I am forever learning and expanding my knowledge to help clients in every aspect.

I understand the struggles many may face with fat loss & weight loss. Years of fad diets, undereating, overtraining gave me the personal experience to cater to a wide range of individuals and needs.

My methods have been featured in numerous publications like women’s health, marie claire, elite daily & more.

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you’

There is beauty in the challenge and I help my clients discover their True Self while providing a clear structure to follow that you can continue and maintain for life!

Take action today and Step into your True Self!

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If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

My mission in life is to help as many
people as possible become healthy,
strong and live a full life. We have one
life so why would we not!

Let me help you transform into your
True Self and take action today!